Helping communities to live healthier lives.

We are people in the community who have experienced the traumas of civil wars and relocation and we are committed in helping other immigrants in order to lessen their struggles to adapt and integrate in American life. MCFSS staffs will offer these following services.

  • Case Management services (Section13)
    – We have competent case managers with diverse cultural background.
    – Our cultural brokers are willing and able to connect coordinate resources available to our client.
  • Community Integration services (Section17)
    – We will team up qualified Case Managers, Clients, and guardians.
    – Our Case managers will identify the medical, social, residential, educational, vocational, emotional and other related needs of the client and will determine an appropriate treatment.
  • Rehabilitative and Community Support Service (Section 28).

Connect with Us!

Help us unite and lift the communities of Maine. We encourage you to join our community organization and become a part of our initiative to facilitate change. For inquiries and concerns, please feel free to send us your messages here.